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Interior Community Church

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Interior rests quietly along the Badland wall of South Dakota where ranchers have raised beef cattle for generations.  It used to be a train stop for the steam engines, but now it is not much more than an overgrown mobile home park with bars and churches. 

The cattle ranchers of the community keep the town alive.  There is a K-8 grade public school with about 40 kids, three churches, two bars, one gas station and one grocery store all struggling to survive.  A passerby might miss the town altogether except that it is the only town in a 35 mile radius.  It is the hub of Badlands ranching. 

The economic depression of Interior is fairly proportional to the spiritual condition of the community.  While some are dedicated followers of Jesus the bulk of people either claim Christianity with no effort or have an aversion to Jesus as Lord.  Perhaps a large reason for this spiritual dormancy has to do with there being no resident pastor at Interior for over fifty years. 

Interior is the northern door to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation which is one of the poorest counties in the U.S.  From 1990 to 2000 it was the poorest in the whole country and it has not gotten any better.  A few other counties (mostly Reservations) have just declined.  There are a few missionaries to the Lakota Sioux people who need church support.  About half the kids attending our local school are Native American and come from the Reservation.

By the faithfulness of generous supporters Village Missions has been able to invest in Interior by providing a shepherd to the flock as a missionary to the lost sheep of the community.  

Interior Community Church
Village Missionaries experience unique challenges as they minister in rural churches. The conferences are designed to provide fellowship,...