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Alaska Ministry

$1,000 Project Goal
$325 Amount Raised
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$675 Still Needed
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It takes a special person to live in Alaska. That person must be able to endure extreme temperatures, long hours of daylight or darkness, and a sense of isolation. Alaskans tend to be independent, self-sufficient people, and many of them are in Alaska seeking escape of some sort. Interior Alaska is not culturally the United States; it is actually more eastern in mindset. Native Alaskans tend to think more about the tribe and cooperation than the individual, and they place great importance on the view of their elders.

The Alaskan pastor must know how to meet his people on their own terms. They learn to do their visitation in town, meeting people at local hangouts because many of the people don’t want anyone on their property, not even friends. Many pastors are trained to handle emergency situations, and they’ve seen a community of fiercely independent Alaskans band together to help someone in need. Because of the cost of living, they’re likely to be hunting, fishing, and growing as much as possible, and they don’t make the hour-long (or more!) trek to the grocery store often.

Alaskans need special people to minister to them. They need someone who understands the challenges they face, their unique culture–a missionary pastor that accepts them, loves them, and cares enough about them to share Jesus with them.

Our Alaska Ministry reaches out to people in interior Alaska, meeting unique needs in special ways. You can play a part in impacting Alaska and make a difference in the life of our missionaries there. Every donation helps.

Alaska Ministry
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