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2022 Natural Disaster Fund

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Each year, Village Missionaries and our partner churches are impacted by natural disasters.  In the wake of wildfires, tornadoes, flooding and other unforeseen disasters, people are left to clean up, rebuild, and try to put their lives back together.  Village Missionaries walk this road with them and offer practical assistance and spiritual support.

Because Village Missions stands beside our missionary families serving throughout the United States, we set up the 2022 Natural Disaster Fund to aid and assist them and their churches during these frightening and often devastating times.  

Currently, funds that are raised will go to projects such as the following ones:
1) Helping Indian Valley Christian Fellowship rebuild after they lost everything in the Dixie Fire in 2021.
2) Helping North River Community Church recover from flooding in January of 2022.  The church and parsonage both had over 2 foot of water in them.
3) Helping churches that have been negatively impacted by public policy due to wildfires throughout the west in recent years.
4) Helping churches reach their community through Holiday Food Boxes.   

Thank you for standing beside Village Missionaries and our partner churches during dark and trying times.
2022 Natural Disaster Fund
Village Missionaries experience unique challenges as they minister in rural churches. The conferences are designed to provide fellowship,...